Azores: The Crater Of Cabeço Gordo On Faial Island

We started the hike with the intention to make the tour around the caldeira but after the first 1000 meters we turned around. It was already late, the weather was very unstable and above all there were some of those vertigo places and we didn’t know how this would continue. You can even go to the center of the caldeira but only with a guide because of some really rare endemic plants.

From above, the caldeira looks like one of those magic fairytale countries from a Pixar movie. Every second you expect a knight on a horse followed by some trolls jumping out of behind the bushes.

Cabeco Gordo Faial_10Cabeco Gordo Faial_03Cabeco Gordo Faial_08Cabeco Gordo Faial_02Cabeco Gordo Faial_05Cabeco Gordo Faial_07Cabeco Gordo Faial_04Cabeco Gordo Faial_09

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