Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur: A Rainy Day Trip Around The Breathtaking Canyon Of Verdon In Pictures

Every weather is fine and we had a car. So nothing to complain about. As we always did, we stopped in nearly every village to have a short walk around and we took a lot of stops on the road to stare down the abysses of the canyon which is thrilling and daunting at the same time. I was very happy to have taken the road counterclockwise so I drove on the wall side most of the time, which is – rationally speaking – more dangerous because of falling rocks, but “rational” clearly looses against the vertigo of looking down 700m into the gorge while driving.  Only separated from falling by some ridiculous 50cm stones lying around on the borders. Like always: Someone without vertigo won’t even notice it :-)-

At one moment we overheard a big noise of shouting birds while driving, we got out of the car and saw a bunch of about 60 huge vultures fighting about their prey. A really surrealistic scenery. When they started circling above our car we quickly decided to leave :-).

We had a lot of weather changes this day. But even with the thickest clouds the river and Lac Sainte Croix have always been in this magic turquoise color which you maybe know from Côte d’Azur and where Côte d’Azur got her name from.

Lac Sainte CroixDSCF6651DSCF6644DSCF6669IMG_1264DSCF6663IMG_1265DSCF6658DSCF6657DSCF6677IMG_1258DSCF6741IMG_1398DSCF6683IMG_1288IMG_E1384


Gorges du Verdon seen from different places




The villages around the gorgeDSCF6756DSCF6843IMG_1284IMG_1350DSCF6759IMG_1286IMG_1351IMG_1344IMG_1325DSCF6760DSCF6734DSCF6855IMG_1331IMG_1333DSCF6864IMG_1326DSCF6853IMG_E1339DSCF6732DSCF6846DSCF6761IMG_1327DSCF6687DSCF6733IMG_1309IMG_1290DSCF6750DSCF6936DSCF6932DSCF6722DSCF6751DSCF6758DSCF6831


The tourDSCF6944


9 thoughts on “Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur: A Rainy Day Trip Around The Breathtaking Canyon Of Verdon In Pictures

  1. Such a beautiful region! I am going to Nice this September and hope to find a tour that will take me out here. Do you know any companies that offer this? Thanks for sharing!

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      • lol no worries! I do that all the time! I just got back, never ended up in this area but really enjoyed my time on the French riviera. Will definitely go back one day and add this region to the trip. Just not enough time this time around!

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