Scottish Highlands: Magical Mystery Tour Near Glencoe

We went to a friends birthday party who invited us to celebrate with him in a castle in the Scottish Highlands. We arrived by car at night in a hotel near Glencoe and woke up the next morning without having seen the scenery surrounding us.
Can you imagine waking up to this?

I went to Scotland once before and I will never forget the breathtaking atmosphere, the light, the remoteness and the magic of this land. I’m in love again.

On our first day we went for a hike near Glencoe:



13 thoughts on “Scottish Highlands: Magical Mystery Tour Near Glencoe

  1. These are breath-taking pictures. You captured the wild, rugged heart of the Highlands. I dream of being there, taking a wee dram of whiskey and listening to folk music. You have made me really want to return to the Highlands. Beautiful read x

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    • It was my second time in Scotland and I never again saw this kind of light and landscape.
      Please look at a satellite photo of Europe taken by night before you go there and become aware of the Scotlands solitude. There literally lives nobody.
      The first time we went there we lived in a cabin and we needed 1,5h to the next place to get food.

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