Berlin Day Hike: Sunny Sharpness At Tegeler See

Location: Bernauer Strasse – Uferpromenade – over the Borsigdammbrücke – Greenwichpromenade – Tegeler Hafenbrücke – until the “archaic Archangel” – and back / Distance: 8,5 km / from city center: 14 km / northwest / Weather: 22 °C, sunny with massive clouds  / Camera: Nikon D90, 35 mm lens

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Wanderlust? Need To Escape The City? The Best Hikes in and around Berlin

Die besten Wanderungen rund um Berlin

I’m stuck, I thought, in this outrageously flat area. But finally I made peace and even fell in love with this landscape around my second home town. It’s beautiful, it’s divers and if you drive for a while there are even some (small) mountains. Go and explore, and I promise, you won’t regret it!

And please: Tell me YOUR favorite hikes around Berlin. I’m ready to walk them all!

I didn’t write down a distance because all hikes are adjustable and even I didn’t plan them like you see it on the maps. I only recommend the areas, not necessarily the exact trail I took. Walk less or walk for some more miles. Please use maps and GPS :-). I highly recommend MapOut offline maps.

HYOH! (Hike your own hike!)


1: The enchanted woods of Briesetal


Where to start: Borgsdorf
Direction: North
Distance: 27 km from the center of Berlin

What’s so good about it?
Fancy and extraordinary landscape through a marshland forest. If you are lucky you’ll see swans and beavers.
Briesetal in Summer
Briesetal in Winter


2: Animals, lakes and solitude: Sperenberger Gipsbrüche

Sperenberg Krummer See

Where to start: Mellensee
Direction: South
Distance: 61 km from the center of Berlin

What’s so good about it?
Partly “mountainous” landscape (if you can call it like that :-)), a lot of small lakes – if I counted exactly there where about 17 lakes with very different atmospheres on my way. There is a watchtower and as it is rather far from Berlin I saw no people but some deers, rabbits, woodpeckers and wild gooses.
Link: The Hike through Sperenberger Gipsbrüche


3: Murmuring creek: The romantic Hellmühler Fließ

Hellmühler Fließ

Where to start: Lanke
Direction: North
Distance: 38 km from the center of Berlin

What’s so good about it?
Diverse Landscape with lakes, forests and creeks. The hike next to Hellmühler Fließ (which is basically a creek) is very natural and romantic with birds singing and water murmuring. On one occasion you can even swing on a rope over the small river.
 Hike around Hellmühler Fließ 2016
Hellmühlen Fließ, Summer 2017


4: Mountains and Devil’s Moor: Müggelberge and Teufelsmoor


Where to start: Müggelturm
Direction:: East
Distance: 20km from the center of Berlin

What’s so good about it?
You won’t believe it but this is actually IN Berlin. Ok, it’s not the city-center but still. The Müggelberg is Berlins highest “mountain” (115m above sea level).
Link: Hike trough Teufelsmoor and Müggelberge


5: Sandy beaches and vast forests: Bernsteinsee und Pregnitzfließ

Prenden Bauersee Galgenberg Rühlsdorf Bernsteinsee Kiessee Eiserbuder See Mittelprendener See Brandenburg Wanderung Hike

Where to start: Prenden
Direction: North
Distance: 45 km from the center of Berlin

What’s so good about it?
Fantastic sandy beaches and beautiful forests around Bernsteinsee and Eiserbuder See. Go get a coffee with lake view in Rühlsdorf at wake and camp. 
Hike near Bernsteinsee
Prendener See on a rainy sunday


6: Crystal clear lakes and old industry in Zehdenick


Where to start: Burgwall
Direction: North
Distance: 68 km from the center of Berlin

What’s so good about it?
You walk alongside Havel river. The trail follows a former clay mining area with uncountable and mostly crystal clear lakes. You will cross the area of an industry museum where you can admire old machines, tractors and buildings.
Link: Hike near Zehdenick


7: Creepy history and beautiful lakes: Bogensee and Regenbogensee

Hiking Wandern Liepnitzssee

Where to start: Wandlitz, an den Pfühlen
Direction: North
Distance: 35 km from the center of Berlin

What’s so good about it?
If you like to combine nature and culture, this is the right trail for you. You’ll see Goebbels (Nazi-Germanys Minister of Propaganda) ruined nature retreat and his huge villa. On the same area you’ll find the old training center for young GDR socialists. Regenbogensee on the other hand is a well hidden, very small and enchanted lake. I don’t know why, but for me it is one of the most beautiful lakes I saw 🙂
In Summer, including a map
In Winter, including the entire, creepy history


8: Nature Reserve Nuthe-Nieplitz, Beelitz Heilstätten


Where to start: Wildenbruch
Direction: South-West
Distance: 46 km from the center of Berlin


What’s so good about it?
By far the hike with the most animals I have seen around Berlin. Deer, rabbits, crazy singing, ranting and clucking birds everywhere. I even saw the speciality of Nuthe-Nieplitz, the Ortolan, which is a small bird with a yellow stomach (take the spring track).
If you are more interested in history you have to visit Beelitz Heilstätten which is an old hospital. Recently they have build a pathway which leads through the tree tops and around the old buildings. It’s expensive but it’s worth it.
In Summer, including Beelitz Heilstätten and Großer Seddiner See
In Spring, Nuthe-Nieplitz including GPS Track


9: Old Spree near Mönchwinkel


Where to start: Wasserwanderrastplatz Mönchswinkel
Direction: East
Distance: 47 km from the center of Berlin

What’s so good about it?
You walk alongside the old Spree in a beautiful and natural landscape. It is so beautiful, without any noise, with sheeps grazing and young cows playing, that I imagined myself in the times of Fontane.
Link: Spreeauen


10: Simply natural: Erkner

Hiking Wandern Erkner Berlin

Whereto start: Erkner
Direction: East
Distance: 41 km from the center of Berlin

What’s so good about it?
Romantic landscape with creeks, lakes and rivers, small houses and vast forests. Be careful not to approach the highway 🙂
Link: Erkner


11: Unesco Natural Heritage: Ancient beech forest in Grumsin

Grumsin Unesco Naturerbe Schorfheide

Where to start: Near Altkünkendorf
Direction: North-East
Distance: 79 km from the center of Berlin

What’s so good about it?
Marvelous old and huge trees and a wonderful vast landscape.
Link: Grumsin


12: Our personal Switzerland: Buckow

Märkische Schweiz, Buckow, Waldsieversdorf

Where to start: Waldsieversdorf
Direction: East
Distance: 53 km from the center of Berlin

What’s so good about it?
The landscape is called “Märkisch Switzerland” which basically means that there are some modest mountains (hills) to climb. Visit Café Tilla in Waldsieversdorf! Grandma style interior, really nice innkeeper and great cakes.
Link: Märkische Schweiz


13: Wonderful lakes in Spitzmühle


Where to start: Postbruch near Straußberg
Direction: East
Distance: 34 km from the center of Berlin

What’s so good about it?
Easy hike mostly next to lakes. You’ll see four really different lakes on your way.
Link: Spitzmühle


14: Small paradise next door: Mühlenbecker Land

Schloss Dammsmühle

Where to start: Summt
Direction: North
Distance: 21 km from the center of Berlin

What’s so good about it?
It’s near, it’s beautiful, there is a castle and there are some great lakes. Be careful in Summer: “Summt” means buzz and nomen est omen.
Summt in Winter
Summt in Summer


So: What are your favorite hikes around Berlin?

I’m really curious to walk them.


Unesco Naturerbe Grumsin Schorfheide

Berlin Day Hike: Unesco Natural Heritage – Ancient Beech Forest in Grumsin

Location: near Altkünkendorf – Kleiner Grumsinsee – Sperlingsherberge direction Groß Ziethen – Großer Kagelpfuhl – Großer Schwarzer See –  direction Altkünkendorf / Distance: 11,5 km / Weather: 9 °C, cloudy

Kleiner Grumsinsee:






Großer Schwarzer See:

dsc_0383dsc_0368dsc_0419dsc_0407dsc_0409dsc_0430Unesco Naturerbe Grumsin SchorfheideUnesco Naturerbe Grumsin SchorfheideUnesco Naturerbe Grumsin Schorfheide



BTW: Do not expect the information point in Altkünkendorf to be open on Sundays. (Why would they? All tourists come during working hours :-)) And a “hikers rest area” is a fenced, windy space equipped with some seats but without a roof or any other similar amenities.


Berlin Day Hike: Golden Sunday in Spitzmühle

Yeah, the days are getting shorter and darker. But there is still this kind of autumn magic when warm sun rays hit the yellow and red trees. The golden days of autumn.

Location: Postbruch near Straußberg – Bötzsee – Spitzmühle – Fängersee – Kesselsee – and back on the opposite shores / Distance: 17 km / Weather: 13 °C, sunny







Mönchwinkel, Spreeauen

Berlin Day Hike: Dramatic Skies Over Spreeauen

Location: Mönchwinkel – cross the small bridge south of Mönchwinkel – don’t follow the paths, you can easily walk the meadows/ Distance: 5 km / Weather: 8 °C, sunny and cloudy


We left a little late this saturday and we got into this weather shortly before the sun went down. This is the river Spree in its natural state. We walked alongside the river on the meadows even if there weren’t any paths on my map. Sometimes you have to detour because of animal fences.







Berlin Day Hike: Indian Summer in Buckow

Location: Waldsieversdorf – Abendrothsee – Schermützelsee northern shore – Kleiner Tornowsee – Großer Tornowsee southern shore – Stöbbertal – Buckow – Kleinbahn – Waldsieversdorf / Distance: 17 km / Weather: 12 °C, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy Good to know: The dark times are coming again! You have to get up early to do big trips. I ignored that completely and during the ultimate hour […]

Freudenberg am Main Freudenburg Nibelungensteig Miltenberg

Odenwald Hike: Freudenburg

Location: Freudenberg am Main – Freudenburg – Short Trip trough the forest along the Nibelungensteig – Main – Freudenberg / Distance: 10 km / Weather: 23 °C, sunny / After the hike we stopped for a bite in Miltenberg

The ascent to the castle:


The castle:


On the Nibelungensteig:


Along Main River: