Berlin Day Hike: What Nature Does in June

We walked around Ihlandsee on a bright sunny day and I almost forgot to post those photos which show nature in full bloom.


Berlin Day Hike: Stafsee And Eichendorfer Mühle

Autumn is near. The air is not yet full of mushroomy smells, but there is this light and those colors. Nature did it again.

Odenwald Hike: Along Elz River With A Friend


Road Trip From Berlin: The Castle Of Fürst Pückler


The bridge over Neisse river to Poland unfortunately was closed because of corona virus. The park continues over there.




On our way we visited the village of Glashütte because we thought this would be THE Glashütte, where the watches are manufactured. That isn’t the case. A quite pretty village anyway. But very touristic also. We didn’t stay for long.