Odenwald Hike: Winter Skies and Highland Cows







Location: Monbrunn – Wenschdorf – Monbrunn / Distance: 12 km / Weather: 6°C


Odenwald Road Trip: A Journey Into Memory



Odenwald Hike: Misty Childhood Places

May I introduce you to the lake on which I wore ice-skates for the first time of my life? Where I rowed in a wooden boat with my dad? Where my grandpa taught me the dangers of thin ice? Where one summer morning, after a party night out, while starring at the sunrise with my best friend Silvi, we met this guy with an axe who told us that he comes to the forest when he feels the urge to kick some trees asses?

Today it looked peaceful and serene and nobody would ever suppose that this lake has seen all this stories.

Location: Hollersee – Hollerbach – Buchen / Distance: 8 km / Weather: 1 °C, foggy and cold



Schloss Waldleinigen

Odenwald Hike: The Trans-Siberian Railroad Doesn’t Cross Mörschenhardt

“Die transsibirische Eisenbahn fährt nicht durch Mörschenhardt” (Andreas Balles, 1990)

This was my first thought when I arrived in this very small village called Mörschenhardt not far away from my hometown in Southern Germany.
In 1990, a former classmate  wrote this sentence while imitating Günther Eich, a famous German poet. He – the classmate – became a poet later on – at least he wrote a poetry book.

And there is so much more in this sentence. There are quite a lot of villages where there is, metaphorically speaking, nothing like the Trans-Siberian Railroad. And sometimes this is a great advantage.


Klinge Mörschenhardt OdenwaldKlinge Mörschenhardt Odenwald7978a862-8830-4d2d-aee8-53165c1474ceKlinge Mörschenhardt Odenwald

Klinge Mörschenhardt Odenwald



Schloss Waldleinigen:Schloss WaldleinigenProcessed with VSCO with a8 presetSchloss WaldleinigenSchloss WaldleinigenSchloss WaldleinigenSchloss Waldleinigenkurz vor Mörschenhardt

Location: Mörschenhardt, Klinge, Ernsttal, Schloss Waldleinigen, (from there we hitch-hiked to Schloßau) – Schloßau – Mörschenhardt / Distance: 12 km / Weather: 2 °C, cloudy & freezing

Freudenberg am Main Freudenburg Nibelungensteig Miltenberg

Odenwald Hike: Freudenburg

Location: Freudenberg am Main – Freudenburg – Short Trip trough the forest along the Nibelungensteig – Main – Freudenberg / Distance: 10 km / Weather: 23 °C, sunny / After the hike we stopped for a bite in Miltenberg

The ascent to the castle:


The castle:


On the Nibelungensteig:


Along Main River: