Berlin Day Hike: A Saturday In Blue & Green

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Around Garzin, Märkische Schweiz, Brandenburg, Germany

Berlin Day Hike: Silence And Sunrays In Stobbertal


Berlin Day Hike: Beaver Country in Buckow


Berlin Day Hike: Sunny Start Of March In Altlandsberg

Who would have thought that times are changing so quickly? I took this photos when there were 500 cases of Covid-19 in Germany and when it was still allowed to have 1.000+ gatherings. Nature doesn’t seam to care. It’s beautiful – like always.


Berlin Day Hike: Last Days Of Autumn Around Gamensee

I took this pictures some times ago. Enjoy this short look back to autumn 2019 for a moment.


Odenwald Hike: Sunny Fields And Icy Skies


This is a picture from an event that dates back to the year 1330 in Walldürn: A priest knocked over a chalice of altar wine and the wine formed a picture of Jesus and his disciples on the altar cloth. He hid the cloth and only revealed the event and the picture 50 years later on his death bed.