Playing With Depth In The Garden

DSC_0093DSC_0102DSC_0108DSC_0118DSC_0142DSC_0090DSC_0163DSC_0165DSC_0114DSC_0919This is Wolfgang, the squirrel. Unfortunately he is too quick for me. Anybody with hints how I could lure him into standing still for some seconds?

DSC_0154At night.

Brandenburg By Boat: Marvelous Müggelspree

We made a family excursion by canoe along river Spree and the wild Müggelspree which is highly recommendable. We went from Fürstenwalde to Hangelsberg, which means we went with the flow but anyway: you can’t do it  without effort. You have to have at least one sporty guy/girl on board :-).

You can rent a boat here.


Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur: Hiking around Moustier-Sainte-Marie

In Moustier-Sainte-Marie, on a beautiful hot morning, we took a little hike uphill through the flower fields and had some great views just up to Lac Sainte Croix and on this enchanted village build on the foot of its protecting mountain. Goal to this hike was a little chapel called Notre Dame de Beauvoir. You can see it from the village and it’s an ancient, dark and really silent place where you can still hear centuries of pilgrims praying for a better tomorrow.



Notre Dame de Beauvoir


The Great Indoors: Getting Things Done. Sometimes.

Another month and we quite advanced with our project. But we are surely looking forward to normal life as well.

master bedroom with dinosaur:

before / after

garden and porch

shiva room


Nature is going summer-nuts in the garden and around the houseIMG_0745IMG_0732IMG_0729IMG_0715IMG_0705IMG_0702IMG_0691IMG_0686IMG_0676IMG_0650IMG_0623IMG_0616

But the best thing is: Friends are coming

(including Igor the hedgehog)