Berlin Day Hike: What Nature Does in June

We walked around Ihlandsee on a bright sunny day and I almost forgot to post those photos which show nature in full bloom.


Berlin Day Hike: Stafsee And Eichendorfer Mühle

Autumn is near. The air is not yet full of mushroomy smells, but there is this light and those colors. Nature did it again.


The Garden In August And A Lot Of Squirrels

What a lush summer. The garden was so happy and green in August. And when the hazelnuts were ripe, Wolfgang and his squirrel-colleagues went crazy. Who finds the woodpecker in the pictures?

Rain And Mushrooms At the Erbsland Arboretum


A Bright Sunny Day near Mirow


Odenwald Hike: Along Elz River With A Friend


Burn the Virus

On a nice beginning of summer weekend, we met on the countryside to finally eradicate the corona virus from earth. Once and for all. At least in our dreams :-).

Everything started smoothly with a sunny walk through the fields.


But how to burn a virus? We first must have it. And as our intent was highly symbolic, we had to create symbols that could be burnt.


The evening came and our master of ceremonies came in form of ancient Indian wisdom to bring light to those dark times.


Our job is done. May the virus Rest In Peace.