Wieliczka Salt Mine Krakow

Wieliczka Saltmines near Kraków: A Subterranean Fairytale World

There is the very old Wieliczka Salt Mine near to Kraków which is open today for tourists.

Some interesting facts:

  • The salt mine exists since 1280.
  • It is UNESCO world heritage since 1978.
  • Based on an ancient myth it’s the merit of princess Kinga that the salt mine exists.
  • Its atmosphere is extremely healthy for the lungs.
  • During miners times they brought down working horses to the mines. But they where very frightened when going down so the miners left them there working their whole lives and they never saw the sun again.
  • With one ton of salt you were able to buy a village at the time
  • There have been salty sources already 6000 years ago. As they ran dry more and more, people started looking for the provenance of the salt.
  • Kraków’s rise is based on the existence of this mine.
  • During the 18th century more than 9000 people worked there.