Camargue: Infinite Plains Dotted With White Horses

We hired some bikes and made a tour in the direction of the famous lighthouse. It was so hot this day that we didn’t get there but already the part we did was wonderful. It’s pure green and dark blue vastness with horses, birds and endless, empty beaches.

At the end of the day there was one more color: The shiny red of my sunburn.


Suffolk Trip: Clouds And Lights On The Coast

Seven years ago in Kerala/India during a night out in the empty streets of Alappuzha I met Nicky from London. We had some funny days together and connected via Facebook where we shared our life and views. Some years later she came to Berlin with a friend but I was in Sicily with my mum. So I gave her the keys to my apartment and when I came back I found a pile of presents on my dining table.

This year she invited me to her ultra fancy glam birthday party which turned out to be also her surprise engagement party. We arrived some days early to make a small holiday out of it and we had a marvellous and heartwarming time in Nickys and Johns pink house in Suffolk. Thank you so much!

Location: Southwold – beach – along River Blyth northbound – crossing River Blyth via the small bridge – heading direction Walberswick – Walberswick – forest south of Walberswick – marshlands near the beach –  back to Southwold / Distance: 15 km / Weather: 7 °C, cloudy, rainy, windy, sunny / Camera: Nikon D90, 18-105mm lens / Don’t buy the local map 🙂


Southwold Beach:



The city of Southwold:


As we are kind of biased against English food (you know – Asterix et cetera :-))  we have been really surprised by the quality and passion of what we have found in delis and even in supermarkets. Go to Black Olive Delikatessen or – next door – to Two Magpies Bakery if you crave for sweet stuff.

We deeply regret our former attitude and hereby we apologize officially.


River Blyth:



On our way to Walberswick:



St Andrew’s Church in Walberswick:



Through the forest:



Marshland near Dunwich:



Back to Southwold:



Nickys’ pink house:



Berlin Day Hike: Everything Resurrects In Spitzmühle


Location: Spitzmühle – western shore of Fängersee – Friedrich-Schiller-Höhe – eastern shore of Straussee – back to Fängersee – Spitzmühle  / Distance: 10 km / from city center:
37,5 km/south east / Weather: 16 °C, sunny / Camera: Nikon D90, 55-300mm lens


scottish highlands

Scottish Highlands: A Roadtrip Through Light


Ultralight gear

No-Gear Gear: My Favorite Ultralight Pieces Which I Didn’t Buy At The Outdoor Store

This “gear” wasn’t designed to be gear. Some of it is really ugly. Some of it is surprisingly cheap. But everything is ultralight. And really handy. Hope there is something in it for you 🙂


jarsTiny jars from the pharmacy (2g)
Use them for sunscreen, deodorant (if ever you get in contact with civilization), ointments, toothpaste, etc. Label it with washi-tape and waterproof marker. If you use only the marker, the label comes of after short usage and you’ll take toothpaste as foot cream (or vice versa).


coffeeGDR ultralight coffee filter (8g)
It is light, it is reusable and I prefer to use it for coffee only 🙂


rubberRubber bands  (1g)
Use them instead of gear bags to save weight. For tent stakes, rain jackets, cooking gear …


scarfScarf with a visor (39g)
Use it instead of a cap: it looks great and it is very packable.
Buy it at my best friends shop  (No, she didn’t pay me to write that, I just love her caps  :-))


Duct.jpgDuct tape (5g)
Wrap a small amount around your poles or anything else. You’ll need it.


latexLatex gloves (12g)
Use them as emergency rain gloves over your fleece gloves. Certainly no good idea for winter hikes or cold weather mountaineering excursions.


clipsTiny clips (2g)
Use them for drying laundry, clipping together papers, money or cards.


mendingHotel mending kit (1g)
Use it within its original purpose 🙂


tightsLadys tights, black & opaque (35g)
Use them as emergency trousers (underneath your shorts) if yours are wet. Even suitable for boys. In some cases of emergency you can even use them instead of a rope. But this one is cowgirls only style.


spongeHalf sponge (5g)
Use it to mute your cooking stuff in your pot while walking, to clean dishes with little water and to dry your tent from condensation.


gaitersGaiters and Sleeves in one (38g)
Use them in combination to your merino shortsleeve shirt if you didn’t want to carry an additional long sleeve top or wear them on your legs together with the emergency tights.


What are yours? I’d really like to get to know more of this stuff!