Odenwald Hike: Hollersee In The Mist

Everyone complains about the rain. I’d say there is beauty and color in every kind of weather. Or as my grandma said: There is no bad weather, just bad clothes.

Christmas Food Fun

We had pea & mint soup, salmon filled with artichoke hearts, lemons and almonds, beetroot chips and a fig mascarpone casserole. Pavlov wore his best fly to get something from the table.

The next day we prepared the classics with a little twist: bread dumplings, sauerkraut and a duck with cherry glaze.

Enchanted Odenwald Landscapes, A Time Warp Shop And Some More Memories

We visited the small village of Berolzheim and took a walk to “Linni” (Lindich) a piece of forest and fields which once was partly owned by my Grandpa. My memories aren’t very vivid, I just remember a playground he made out of trees.

Some pictures of the past

Magic happens in peculiar ways

When we walked back to the village we talked about the fact that there is no store and no restaurant anymore. We suddenly stood in front of a houseware store, whose display obviously didn’t change until the 80s. There was a lot of dust and even some dried beetles on the objects in the window and the prices were still marked in Deutsche Mark instead of Euro (introduction in 2002). Out of curiosity I pushed the door and it opened miraculously. I called my Mum and we entered the store and even called for someone, but nobody appeared. I felt like sitting in a time machine full of late 70s kitchen articles which you can only still find on flee markets. We looked around in the store for at least 20 minutes and let the feeling of being trapped in a time warp infiltrate. So many crazy stuff! The store was very well heated and at the end I was willing to buy some curiosities, but still nobody there. So we left and closed the door of the time machine behind us. Later we met a Lady in the streets who told us that the owner is nearly 90 years old and lives above the store.

Another Shop from the past

When I was a child, I frequently climbed those steps to buy sweets in a tiny dark store led by a slightly scary old woman. In my memory the store was dusty and full of enigmatic containers. And when I think back, I have an atmosphere in mind which reminds me today of Ollivanders magic wand shop from Harry Potter.

Flowers In The Neighbors Garden

My Moms neighbor has an absolutely overflowing flower garden. Even more beautiful after the rain.

The Hermitage in Bretzenheim

We made a stop in Langenlonsheim near Mainz to visit a friend of my Mum. We stayed for a night and had a very good time there. In the morning I had a long walk with Pavlov to the near Hermitage cut into rocks in the middle ages. The last hermit lived there until 1827. He died after 52 years of service.

Berlin Day Hike: Flower Fields Forever

We had a very colorful summer hike near Ihlow in Brandenburg. As it is June, everything is in bloom and the fields show their most splendid dresses. We even saw a deer, but fortunately Pavlov didn’t. I guess he is a city dog.

If you are around Ihlow, don’t miss to visit Biohof Café and have a rhubarb yeast cake. Yummy!

Berlin Day Hike: Summer Day Around Tornow Lake

We had a nice day in the forest and at the lakes around Pritzwalker Mühle. Pavlov had a lot of fun in the forests and I’m very happy that he doesn’t show any ambition to hunt (except of pigeons in the city). At the end we bought some homemade honey next to Haus Tornow am See and a man told us the moved history of the building (Orphanage, war hospital, home for difficult adolescents).

Take a seat and have some coffee and cake on the lake side. It’s a really wonderful place.

The Different Faces Of Our Garden In May

Incredibly great changes become visible when taking pictures of the same garden very early in the morning or after the rain. I’m always impressed how nature changes during the seasons or with light and weather.

After the rain

Early Morning

Nova Scotia Duck tolling retriever

Berlin Day Hike: A Taste Of Spring Near Garzin

Still not in form, we chose to have a short walk near Garzin along Haussee and over the fields. What shall I say? Spring really tries, but the weather is still cold and mostly dark and a lot of plants still wait for their signal to start their new life in bloom. Pavlov is getting bigger and bigger and is coming back when we are calling quite steadlily. He chased the two huge cranes over the fields and even came back when I called him in the middle of hunting. Maybe only because the cranes started flying away and he recognized, that his chances of catching them were very thin.

On the last picture Pavlov is becoming a grown up :-). He still pees like a baby, only some times – very rarely – he lifts his leg.

Berlin Day Hike: A Walk Around Kleiner Stienitzsee

Two of us not in the best of health, we chose a small walk near our house. This day with two dogs.