Happy 2018!

I wanted to say thank you to this wild, wide and abundant year full of wonderful friends, places, moments and experiences.

Thank you to everyone looking, reading and following and thank you to everyone who gets in touch from time to time and motivates me to continue writing and taking pictures.

Hugs to all of you and a very Happy New Year with a lot of great outdoor & travel experiences!


Quito: White City With Some Clouds


Historic City Center of Quito



After a 10 hours flight from Madrid we started our journey smoothly by getting fetched on the airport by our dear friends Kathrin and Fernando. I worked with Kathrin some years ago and while not having much contact I always felt that we have a special connection. From my site it was always the admiration for her kind of decision making.

They brought us to their huge house in the barrio of Cumbaya where we stood for the next four days having a very, very, very good time with them.
Coming to friends somewhere in the world is so much better than just coming to somewhere in the world. Especially if they are as great as Kathrin and Fernando are.

On our first day we visited the historic city center of Quito.


Presidential Palace in Quito


Churches in Quito

By far the most impressing building in Quito from my point of view is the church Compañía de Jesús. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take photos inside. Interesting fact: The colonial Spanish imported the Mudéjar Style of the Moors from Andalusia and build something very special with it. But there are other churches wich have very different atmospheres. 



Contemporary architecture in Quito







Zeltplatz Kollm-Nord

Peacefulness After The Rain



Unicorny Days At The Lake





A Fancy Birthday Party With A Surprising Twist


Do You Want To Cry And Scream Again?








Suffolk Trip: Sailing Orwell River




And an evening walk on the shore