Irish Landscapes: On The Road Through The West





Ireland: Kenmare And Glengariff

Two picturesque villages in a row. Great views to the sea, funny coloured houses, nice cafés. But with all this flattery about Ireland  I have to come to the less beautiful things now: First was, that it is not possible in all those picturesque villages to stroll quietly along the roads. Instead there is a steady stream of cars passing through the most beautiful parts and the people crowd on the small sidewalks. It leaves all the beauty to your imagination or maybe if you look up and ignore what happens on the ground, as I did for taking the photos.

Second thing is housing architecture. There are those wonderful old raw stone buildings of mostly sheep farmer families on the countryside and the traditionally coloured houses in the villages with their broad chimneys an their wooden carved business signs speaking of big craftsmanship of the times. But the region didn’t seam to have found an architectural language of modern times yet. Every piece of great contemporary architecture I saw (and this also counts for interior design) is imported. There is no Irish architecture which is aware of the past and its natural surroundings which continues classical Irish design into the future. Instead you’ll find mostly ugly, modernistic prefabricated housing in the middle of the greatest and wildest landscapes with thick plastic windows directly from the home depot stores, concrete fences and no intended garden at all. Interior Design (if it’s not traditional like for example in many pubs) is mostly inspired by English Interior Design but without the great materials and the will to develop coziness and individuality. I would really like to see those Irish style family homes with a love for proportions and space. There must be some.






Ireland: Derrynane House And Gardens






Berlin Day Hike: Heralds Of Spring Near Werneuchen

Location: Stadtstelle – Lattsee – Großer Lattsee – and back on the opposite shore / Distance: 11 km / Weather: 14 °C, cloudy, sometimes sunny / Camera: Nikon D90, 35mm lens




Kyritz an der Knatter

Berlin Day Hike: Kyritz an der Knatter


Berlin Day Hike: Beautiful Briesetal

Location: Borgsdorf – Briese – Schlagbrücke – And back on the other side  / Distance: 13 km / Weather: 4 °C, sunny and cold






The fun crew: dsc_0691

Briestal and the family swan last year in winter and in summer.

Albrechts Teerofen

Berlin Day Hike: Albrechts Teerofen

Location: Albrechts Teerofen – Düppeler Forst – Teltowkanal – Albrechts Teerofen /Distance: 3 km / Weather: ´-1 °C, sunny and frosty


The crew:










Unesco Naturerbe Grumsin Schorfheide

Berlin Day Hike: Unesco Natural Heritage – Ancient Beech Forest in Grumsin

Location: near Altkünkendorf – Kleiner Grumsinsee – Sperlingsherberge direction Groß Ziethen – Großer Kagelpfuhl – Großer Schwarzer See –  direction Altkünkendorf / Distance: 11,5 km / Weather: 9 °C, cloudy

Kleiner Grumsinsee:






Großer Schwarzer See:

dsc_0383dsc_0368dsc_0419dsc_0407dsc_0409dsc_0430Unesco Naturerbe Grumsin SchorfheideUnesco Naturerbe Grumsin SchorfheideUnesco Naturerbe Grumsin Schorfheide



BTW: Do not expect the information point in Altkünkendorf to be open on Sundays. (Why would they? All tourists come during working hours :-)) And a “hikers rest area” is a fenced, windy space equipped with some seats but without a roof or any other similar amenities.