Bohemia: Beautiful Děčín

On our last day in Bohemia we took a walk through the wonderful city of Děčín (Tetschen).


Berlin by Night

We had the hottest day today and I stood inside and slept because there were Sahara-like temperatures outside. When it turned dark and a little less hot, I felt the need to go outside for a while to get the summer-in-Berlin-feeling. The yellow glow of the streetlights still does it even when everything else has changed a lot in the last years.




Bucharest Stories In Pictures

DSC_0553DSC_0255DSC_0261DSC_0456DSC_0558DSC_0181DSC_0577DSC_0583DSC_0560DSC_0165DSC_0600DSC_0858DSC_0144DSC_0490DSC_0167DSC_0840DSC_0162DSC_0522DSC_0250DSC_0554DSC_0147Bucharest Palace of the Parliament



Krakov Krakau Poland Polen

Kraków: Divers History In Some Random Pictures

Jewish History



Christian History


Socialist History


Architecture, Art, Interior (And Some Horses)



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Berlin Day Hike: A Winter Walk Trough The City

We have been too tired today and there was still a risk that the weather might change to “Blitzeis” (very quickly developing black ice) and so we stood in the frosty city and took a walk.