Suffolk Trip: On The Road

Peacocks on Jimmy’s Farm:


On the road through blooming rapeseed:


Berlin Day Hike: Nature Reserve Nuthe-Nieplitz

Location: Nuthe-Nieplitz Naturschutzgebiet, Wildenbruch, Fresdorfer Heide, Pferdesteig, Backofenberg, Grämnitzberge, Poschfenn, Schafgraben, Rauher Berg, Kähnsdorfer See, Großer Seddiner See, Wildenbruch / Weather: 10-15°C, mostly cloudy but sunny at the end/ Distance: 17,5 km  / Mood: captivated by the crazy singing, ranting and clucking birds everywhere / Animals spotted: 1 deer, wild gooses, herons, 1 rabbit, a (too) big spider, small birds with […]