Camargue: Infinite Plains Dotted With White Horses

We hired some bikes and made a tour in the direction of the famous lighthouse. It was so hot this day that we didn’t get there but already the part we did was wonderful. It’s pure green and dark blue vastness with horses, birds and endless, empty beaches.

At the end of the day there was one more color: The shiny red of my sunburn.


Suffolk Trip: On The Road

Peacocks on Jimmy’s Farm:


On the road through blooming rapeseed:


Berlin Day Hike: Nature Reserve Nuthe-Nieplitz

Location: Nuthe-Nieplitz Naturschutzgebiet, Wildenbruch, Fresdorfer Heide, Pferdesteig, Backofenberg, Grämnitzberge, Poschfenn, Schafgraben, Rauher Berg, Kähnsdorfer See, Großer Seddiner See, Wildenbruch / Weather: 10-15°C, mostly cloudy but sunny at the end/ Distance: 17,5 km  / Mood: captivated by the crazy singing, ranting and clucking birds everywhere / Animals spotted: 1 deer, wild gooses, herons, 1 rabbit, a (too) big spider, small birds with […]