Irish Landscapes: On The Road Through The West





Better than the Mediterranean: Derrynane Beach in Ireland

On this bright and sunny April day on Derrynane Beach, a woman walked past me, threw her arms in the air and shouted: “The Mediterranean has arrived in Ireland!” And while Mediterranen people would never had set foot into the water at this temperature, Irish people are quite fearless.

Derrynane Beach is on the West side of the Ring of Kerry and it’s one of the best beaches I have ever seen. Dunes, white sand, big rocks, crystal clear turquoise water. Everything asian beaches dream of.

At the end of the beach there is a small, old cemetery with a very special and serene atmosphere.





scottish highlands sanna beach

Scottish Highlands: A Day at The Beach At The End Of The World

With the big birthday group we went to Sanna Beach in Ardnamurchan: dscf2461dscf2547dscf2414dscf2441dscf2405dscf2444dscf2399dscf2471dscf2436