Lori Berd Dsoraget Armenia

Armenia: The Deep Gorge Of Dsoraget And Lori Berd Fortress

The Gorge of Dsoraget partially looks like if a giant would have cut into earth with a giant knife. I didn’t find anything like an information about the geological formation history of this site, but looking at the clear and straight edges, it nearly seams impossible that a river should have done this. Even if it took some billion years.

Lori Berd Fortress is from the 10th century and was once a big commercial center of the region. Over 10.000 people lived there. Lori Berd is located East of Stepanawan at an altitude of 1490m above sea level.


Haghpat Monastery Armenia

Armenia: Haghpat Monastery In The Morning Mist

Haghpat Monastery was build in the 10th century and was listed – together with Sanahin Monastery – as Unesco World Heritage Site.


Dilijan Haghartsin Monastery Kloster

Armenia: A Hike From Dilijan to Haghartsin Monastery



Location: Dilijan Lodge – uphill north –  direction Haghartsin Monastery / Distance: 17 km / 1100 m ascent / Weather: 23 °C, sunny and cloudy / Camera: Nikon D90




Haghartsin Monastery

Haghartsin Monastery was built between the 10th and 13th century. Haghartsin means playing eagle.

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