Happy 2019!

I wanted to say thank you for this year full of wonderful events, friends, places, moments and experiences.

Thank you to everyone looking, reading and following and thank you to everyone who gets in touch from time to time and motivates me to continue writing and taking pictures.

Hugs to all of you and a very Happy New Year with a lot of great outdoor & travel experiences! Hike on!


Bucharest Stories In Pictures

DSC_0553DSC_0255DSC_0261DSC_0456DSC_0558DSC_0181DSC_0577DSC_0583DSC_0560DSC_0165DSC_0600DSC_0858DSC_0144DSC_0490DSC_0167DSC_0840DSC_0162DSC_0522DSC_0250DSC_0554DSC_0147Bucharest Palace of the Parliament




Playing With Photography

A commercial and yet fun event in Berlin still lasting until the 24.09.2017 is Perspective Playground at Kraftwerk in Köpenicker Straße. You can try out different camera types in a phantasy environment just built for that. If you have any chance, don’t go there on weekends. It’s beautiful, fun and free!