Wild Berlin

Sometimes, on a walk through the city, you see more animals than in the forest. For example a grey heron 🙂


Odenwald Hike: Impressions Of The Middle Ages At Hornberg Castle

The castle of Hornberg was first built in the 11th century. Germanys most famous knight, Götz von Berlichingen lived there for 45 years and the winery inside the castle is said to be the second eldest in the whole world.


Azores: A Guided Tour Through The Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição in Angra

We met the priest of the church just when we wanted to leave and he offered to explain his church to us. Unfortunately his English wasn’t as advanced as his enthusiasm was (and neither was our Portuguese). But we really enjoyed the tour where he told us about the saints exposed in the church, the Flemish style paintings in the classic Portuguese altar, the baptismal font out of “singing” stone and the 400 year old seats and cabinets of “iron wood” from the Brazilian colonies. He even tried to explain something about the Jews, the Portugueses, the Spanish and the British how they lived together at the time and how it should be possible today, we tried to understand and it appeared to be really interesting, but unfortunately we weren’t able to get it.


Azores: Impressions Of The Colorful Town Of Angra Do Heroísmo


The jewish cemetery of Angra


A chapel with no stairs

(I found the solution on the next house)


Angra from above


In the park of Angra




Our Hotel in the fortress Pousada de São Sebastião

Angra Forteress 14Angra Forteress 16Angra Forteress 1Angra Forteress 13Angra Forteress 112Angra Forteress 15

Angra by night and some restaurant recommendations

  • Cachalote Restaurant: Frank, the owner lives on Terceira since more than 30 years. He came here from Flores and named his Restaurant “Cachalote”, which means “whale” in Portugues, in respect for the beasts which he saw being hunted and slaughtered as a child.
    Best Steak (beef!) I ever had even compared to the 60$-Steak in a fancy restaurant in NY Meatpacking District in 2009. It comes on a very hot lava stone plate and you can cut it and grill the slices on the stone after your wishes. The steak is served with three homemade sauces and french fries.
  • Restaurant Tasca das Tias: Nice interior, somehow busy service, best grilled tuna we had on the Azores
  • Restaurant Verdemaça: Small Restaurant with friendly service and comfy, traditional interior




Azores: Horta, The Capital Of The Sailors

Horta Faial Azores _15Horta Faial Azores _16Horta Faial Azores _06Horta Faial Azores _05Horta Faial Azores _03Horta Faial Azores _26Horta Faial Azores _07Horta Faial Azores _27Horta Faial Azores _24Horta Faial Azores _23Horta Faial Azores _29Horta Faial Azores _21Horta Faial Azores _19Horta Faial Azores _02Horta Faial Azores _33Horta Faial Azores _30Horta Faial Azores _32Horta Faial Azores _34Horta Faial Azores _04Horta Faial Azores _35Horta Faial Azores _18Horta Faial Azores _20


Igreja do Santíssimo Salvador

Horta Faial Azores _13Horta Faial Azores _08Horta Faial Azores _12Horta Faial Azores _11Horta Faial Azores _09

Peter Café Sport

Horta Faial Azores _28

Leaving Horta on a rainy day

Horta Faial Azores _37Horta Faial Azores _38

Kloster Schöntal Monastery Schoental

Kloster Schöntal: A Baroque Architecture Gem

Kloster Schöntal is situated picturesquely in Schöntal (“Beautiful Valley”) in Baden-Wurttemberg between Heilbronn and Würzburg. The main structures were built between the 12th and the 17th century, amongst them a baroque abbey and a rococo convent.


Kloster Schöntal / Schöntal Monastery



The Abbey of Kloster Schöntal



A stroll through the forest along Jagst river



On our way home