Lori Berd Dsoraget Armenia

Armenia: The Deep Gorge Of Dsoraget And Lori Berd Fortress

The Gorge of Dsoraget partially looks like if a giant would have cut into earth with a giant knife. I didn’t find anything like an information about the geological formation history of this site, but looking at the clear and straight edges, it nearly seams impossible that a river should have done this. Even if it took some billion years.

Lori Berd Fortress is from the 10th century and was once a big commercial center of the region. Over 10.000 people lived there. Lori Berd is located East of Stepanawan at an altitude of 1490m above sea level.


Haghpat Monastery Armenia

Armenia: Haghpat Monastery In The Morning Mist

Haghpat Monastery was build in the 10th century and was listed – together with Sanahin Monastery – as Unesco World Heritage Site.


Goshavank Monastery Kloster

Armenia: Goshavank Monastery

Goshavank Monastery (meaning: the Monastery of Gosh) is from the 12th or 13th century. It’s recent renovation was payed by an islamic person from the United Arabic Emirates out of unknown reasons.


Dilijan Haghartsin Monastery Kloster

Armenia: A Hike From Dilijan to Haghartsin Monastery



Location: Dilijan Lodge – uphill north –  direction Haghartsin Monastery / Distance: 17 km / 1100 m ascent / Weather: 23 °C, sunny and cloudy / Camera: Nikon D90




Haghartsin Monastery

Haghartsin Monastery was built between the 10th and 13th century. Haghartsin means playing eagle.

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