Berlin Day Hike: Family Trip To Oder River

We can look to our neighbors on the other side of the river, we can see them fishing and looking after animals, but we can’t go there. What a strange feeling. One of the many ways, a virus can change our lives.


Berlin Day Hike: Easter Sunday Around Klobichsee


Berlin Day Hike: A Saturday In Blue & Green

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Around Garzin, Märkische Schweiz, Brandenburg, Germany

Berlin Day Hike: Silence And Sunrays In Stobbertal


Berlin Day Hike: Beaver Country in Buckow


Berlin Day Hike: Sunny Start Of March In Altlandsberg

Who would have thought that times are changing so quickly? I took this photos when there were 500 cases of Covid-19 in Germany and when it was still allowed to have 1.000+ gatherings. Nature doesn’t seam to care. It’s beautiful – like always.


Operation #makingmasks for everyone – Stoffmasken nähen

You’ll find operation: #makingmasks here on our  Facebook Group and on Instagram
Du findest operation: #makingmasks hier auf unsere Facebook Gruppe und auf Instagram

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Zu was Stoffmasken gut sind und wie du mitmachen kannst.

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Unbedingt dem neuen Besitzer mitgeben, wenn du eine Stoffmaske verschenkst oder verkaufst.

Hier findest du Schnittmuster und Nähanleitung zu zwei einfachen Stoffmasken-Modellen.


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Benefits of masks and how you can join in

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Berlin Day Hike: Around Wukensee In The Sun



Stasi-Führungsbunker in Biesenthal

Approximately 2 km North of Kleiner Wukensee we found an ancient GDR military area with ruined buildings and subterranean bunkers. When we had wifi again, we found out, that the big hill we saw, was the former “Stasi-Führungsbunker” (bunker of the leaders of the ministry of State Security).



On our way home we passed through Hobrechtsfelde and made a stop at the wonderful James Biergarten. Have a perfect vast view into the fields and a craft beer!


Berlin Day Hike: Lights In The Lake

This Saturday I have been to Tegeler See and had this crazy February light showing off the winter colors of nature. The peacefulness of this hike – there have been quite some people because of the weather, and the forecast which predicted storms and rain starting Sunday – was interrupted, when I walked along the border of a residential area (Konradshöhe) with nearly no traffic. A car approached from behind me and honked. As there was a lot of space for the driver to pass, I shrugged my shoulders in a WTF?-gesture without turning around. He opened his window—a guy in his 60s or 70s—and swore at me in a very disturbing and loud way (cunt, ugly ass, fuck off, bitch). I asked quite calmly what kind of problem he had and he continued insulting me. When he started steering his car in my direction, I turned onto a small path into the forrest.
I was kind of upset for a while walking through the underbrush and even turned around several times to see if he would follow me. And I asked myself what leads people to behave like idiots?

It’s only February and there are already five dead cyclists in Berlin. And I’m guessing this kind of attitude is one the reasons for that.