A Palazzo, A Forest Walk And A Traditional Saddler In Castello Cabiaglio

On our way back to Germany we didn’t wanted an overnight stay in Switzerland, because of the costs. So we looked for a hotel and stopped just next to the border in a picturesque village named Castello Cabaglio. Our home for this one night was a real palazzo (Palazzo Ronchelli) from the 17th century, majestic and labyrinthine at the same time.
In the morning I took a long walk through the nearby forest with Pavlov and found something special for him me.

Palazzo Ronchelli

A Walk in the Forest

Mario, The Saddler

Already on my way to the forest I crossed this small workshop, not far from the church, and was fascinated from the old machines. When I came back, I couldn’t resist entering, looking at the products and chatting to the owner. Mario once lived in Berlin and shared his flat with anarchists. Today he produces traditional handmade leather goods. The long, adjustable dog leash I discovered, wasn’t cheap, but it was (and still is) so beautiful, that I had to buy it.
That’s the thing with fine artisanal things you buy in your holidays: Everytime you use them, you remember stories of how you found them and to whom you talked to. I’m very glad to have met Mario Fenu and I’m also glad – in this case – to not have let win my inner economist.

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