Odenwald Hike: Foggy Forests near Hornbach

Who would have thought that we would only see our friends outside one day – even in December? I made this hike through a classical part of the Odenwald with my old and dear friend Daniel and over our conversation I completely forgot to take a photo of him. For me he looked like always.

With very few of my friends it’s like this: I haven’t seen them for a while (like two or even three years in this case) and it is somehow like we met yesterday and just continued to talk about the things, we talked before. I think this feeling is some kind of “Heimat” too.
“Heimat” this strange word, which has no proper translation in English. Homeland, native country, motherland, fatherland – nothing expresses this foundation of our existence, this dark but cosy thing, this womb of joy and grief, like “Heimat”.

4 thoughts on “Odenwald Hike: Foggy Forests near Hornbach

    • Hi Jo, normally “Heimat” in German is connoted as the place you come from. the village you were born, the region your original accent is spoken. When we drive “home” for Christmas, we say “wir fahren in die Heimat”. But it is also seen not only as a place but a state of mind. So you can apply the word for everything which has shaped you in your early days of live and is now part of you. And if you meet old friends, like I have met Daniel, I meet a part of my Heimat too.

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