DIY: Mythical Forest Creatures

We now had rain for many days and also a lot of time in the evenings because it wasn’t possible to meet friends and family because of Covid. So we thought it is time to bring the forest inside our living room and create some mythical forest creatures, elves, leprechauns and angels.

If you want to do the same you’ll need:

  • hot glue
  • fine gold, copper or silver wire
  • coffee filters
  • white paper muffin tins
  • transparent ribbons
  • natural colored cords
  • gold foil
  • wooden spheres
  • and whatever you want

Stuff from nature like:

  • feathers (we bought ours)
  • pine cones or cones from other trees
  • driftwood
  • nuts and acorns
  • lichen
  • snail shells
  • dried flowers
  • small roots
  • pods
  • barks from trees
  • poppy seed capsules
  • and whatever you want

The best thing is to walk through nature with open eyes and just collect what you like or what inspires you to create something. It has to be dried when you want to keep it for longer. Just put the small things near the radiator (be careful not to burn them!).

Here are our creatures:

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