Odenwald Hike: Külsheim In The Rain

My Mom and I took a small hike near Külsheim and again we walked partly through the rain. At the end we visited the center of the village. Holiday decoration but nearly no people – adequate, but spooky at the same time.
If you know anything about the very special depiction of the crucified Jesus with putti collecting his blood in vessels which we saw at least three times being in the area: I didn’t find anything about it. Please tell me the history.

5 thoughts on “Odenwald Hike: Külsheim In The Rain

  1. Your title caught my attention. I’m currently reading Heimat by Nora Krug. It is a reflection on her German heritage and a good portion deals with her grandfather who lived in Külsheim. She makes reference to the many crucified Jesus statues but not about the blood collecting vessels. Anyway, look like a cute town.

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    • Hi Caroline, thank you so much for pointing out this book to me. I ordered it, read it directly, I have been totally emersed and thrilled and I had this strange feeling of jealousy. I think it was because I always wanted to write and draw/make a book like that, something relevant and beautiful at the same time. I already recommended it to several friends. Events like this are one reason for me to write and show my pictures: to have meaningful interactions. Thanks again, you gave me a very valuable gift.


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