At Night in the Garden

My man got a wildlife camera for his birthday from his parents and now he is complaining that this is much more a present for me than for him 🙂 (In reality he is quite happy, that I deal with the crappy 90s interface of the thing). 

This is the recovery from 10 days. I cut out a lot of stuff with bad pictures on the border of the screen or just tail-waving in the background. And a lot of cats. I didn’t even know that we have such a big amount of cats in the neighborhood. And that there is a fox every night. I don’t even know how they get in, our fence is dense and quite high. I guess they have a key …

And for soothing all complaints because of data and personality protection of the animals: They double opted in at the gate. 

8 thoughts on “At Night in the Garden

    • I just used iMovie which came with my Mac. I didn’t do any classical editing just cutting and compressing to a sendable size. It’s easy and intuitive (and I’m very picky) 🙂

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