Berlin Day Hike: Buckow, Brecht, Beavers And Big Birds

We started and ended our hike in Buckow and had a quite relaxing day around the picturesque capital of Märkische Schweiz. I saw the Brecht-Weigel-Haus for the first time and it’s still more beautiful than on all the pictures I saw before. Our friends from England liked the German country side but were quite surprised of the lacking gardening culture in Germany. There were even some business ideas involved.
As often, and appropriate to the many places we saw, we talked a lot about history and politics and I guess – as I did – everybody learned something new. I had such an interesting and laid-back time as if there were a pause in space-time-continuum especially made for us.
Friends, if you read that: Come as often as you like to!


Brecht-Weigel-Haus in Buckow



Buckower Promenade and Schlosspark Buckow




Trouble in Beaver-Land


Back to Buckow


Coffee and cake recommendation: Café lokal. in Buckow center



Location: Buckow Center – Wriezener Strasse – Werderstrasse – Bertold-Brecht-Strasse – Buckower Promenade – Hauptstrasse – Schlosspark – Northern Shore of Griepensee – Lindenstrasse – at the end of the village take the right along Stobber –  direction Kleiner Tornowsee – northern shore of Kleiner Tornowsee –  back to the village / Distance: 11 km / public transport: over Strausberg and Müncheberg, from Müncheberg to Buckow by bus, at least 1:40h / from city center: 60 km / East / Weather: 12 °C, sunny and cloudy / Camera: Nikon D500, 18-105 mm lens


On our way back: The storks of Hohenstein



5 thoughts on “Berlin Day Hike: Buckow, Brecht, Beavers And Big Birds

  1. Beautiful! I love the storks – they always remind me of Alsace – and the black lamb. It is lambing season here and we are surrounded by them at the moment: just lovely. They will appear on my blog next week. 🐏🐑

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