Berlin Day Hike: First Rays Of Spring around Waldsieversdorf And Dahmsdorf

We had a wonderful hike with our dear guests from England and we chose a trail which is mostly outside the forest to get some sun.

When hiking along the Buckower Kleinbahn you’ll see an alley with huge old trees on the other side of the rails in the middle of nowhere. It leads to a ruined WW1 memorial which isn’t particularly interesting, but the alley is very beautiful and seams not to fit in the rest of the landscape.

Dahmsdorf is a very tiny and picturesque settlement with cute buildings and chicken running around worth a visit.

Around Bauernsee there was no trail indicated but we tried it anyway. We had to jump two smaller streams and the ground was very swampy. After we did it, on the following forest trail, a car stopped next to us and the two fishermen who saw us, complained that this was a dangerous action because there would be many hunters at this time of the year. The guy seamed kind of upset. I guess there was something he didn’t wanted to say. Maybe we disturbed the fish.


Location: Waldsieversdorf Café Tilia (strategically chosen to have some cake when we come back) – to the shore of Großer Däbersee direction east – around Großer Däbersee – along the rails of Buckower Kleinbahn – with a short sidewalk to the WW1 Memorial ruin – Dahmsdorf – first occasion left at the villages end direction Bauernsee – ATTENTION: here you have to bushwhack for some 300ms – along Kreuzfließ to Buckower Kleinbahn – around Papillensee on the western shore – around Däbersee northern shore – Café Tilia / Distance: 12 km / Ostkreuz to Müncheberg,  to Waldsieversdorf by bus, 1:30h / from city center: 60 km / East / East, Weather: 15 °C, sunny / Camera: Nikon D500, 18-105 mm lens





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  1. […] Location: Hoppegarten/Mark, Am Maxsee,  South-Eastern shore, short detour to the marshlands on the most southern point – go back on the North-Western shore / Distance: 13 km / Public Transport: Berlin – Strausberg by S-Bahn, by bus direction Hoppegarten (you need to call the bus), 1:30h / from city center: 25 km / East / Weather: 21 °C, cloudy / Camera: Nikon D500, 18-105 mm lens Other trails nearby […]

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