Berlin Day Hike: Around Sacrow Lake In The Mist

This misty dust all over the trees which paints everything so smooth and gentle. I really love this weather. I guess there are at least two reasons: First is, that in the region I grew up, this is a rather frequent weather condition in autumn and in spring. When you leave the house, you always have slight humidity on your hair and skin. Second reason is an aesthetic one: My drawing teacher at art school told me once, that she had a great advantage being hyperopic: She only sees the landscapes/objects/peoples essential traits. This is what fog does: Hiding all the details and leave you with the visual abstraction of a landscape. Fog is a simplifier.


Location: Sacrower Alle – Im Königswald – walk around Institut für Binnenfischerei – heading south along the western shore of the lake – making a short detour to the foresters lodge – heading towards the Schlosspark Sacrow – Heilandskapelle – along the eastern shore back to Sacrower Allee / Distance: 11,5 km / Public Transport: Hauptbahnhof, Spandau, Potsdam Krampnitzsee, Sacrow by Bus 697, at least 1:10h / from city center: 32 km / West / Weather: 0 °C, foggy, still some little snow left / Camera: Nikon D500, 18-105 mm lens


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