Smbataberd Fortress Armenia

Armenia: A Hike to Smbataberd Fortress

Smbataberd is the ruin of a 5th to 10th century fortress from in the Province Vayots Dzor south of Sevan Lake.



Jewish Cemetery of Yeghegis



10 thoughts on “Armenia: A Hike to Smbataberd Fortress

  1. Amazing pics! Can i ask how do you get to the hike from yerevan? Is by public transport possible? Can you hike and return to yerevan in one day?


    • We had a driver during our journey. Public transport in Armenia is a problem generally. But Taxis are quite cheap. If your Russian (sometimes French) is good enough you can maybe make a deal. From Yerevan it’s around 3h. The hike itself is not very long, I would say around 8km. You can extend it by visiting the jewish cemetery in Yeghegis or a monastery on the mountains whichs name I forgot.


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