Old Koth Hin Koth Shinuhayr Armenia Machu Picchu

Armenia: A Hike to Old Koth, Armenias Machu Picchu

In the East of Armenia, not far from the borders to Iran and Azerbaijan, on the left bank of Vorotan River near to the small dusty town of Shinuhayr at an altitude of 1500m lies Old Koth (Hin Koth or Old Shinuhayr), Armenias Machu Picchu. Being much older than its southamerican twin town – the church dates back to the 12th century and the burial grounds even to the 2nd and 1st century BC – Old Koth was left in the 1970th due to the disadvantageous area and the inhabitants moved away to enjoy the benefits of a better infrastructure. Maybe it is this bloodless history which makes it less interesting?

At least there is the legend of the builder of the church who is said to be an Armenian women who fled from the harem of Abbas the First of Persia. May the tourism office of Shinuhayr make something out of that.

Rosas Haiku:
Die Menschen sind fort
Tod wird vom Widder bewacht
Die Schnecken bleiben

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Location: Shinuhayr – direction to the Valley of Vorotan – along the edge of the gorge (not too close :-)) – back to Shinuhayr / Distance: 12,8 km | 882m elevation / Weather: 32 °C, sunny / Camera: Nikon D90, 18-105mm lens.


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