Mountains near Jermuk Armenia

Armenia: Marveling At Petroglyphs On A Fabulous Mountain Plateau Near Jermuk

This was frankly one of my favorite excursions in Armenia. Not so much because of the Petroglyphs which are quite interesting as well but because of the vastness of this fantastic landscape high above the green valley of Jermuk. Even people, mostly Yazidis, live here at those heights. I can barely imagine this live amongst sheep, dogs and horses.

Anyway, the Petroglyphs: 7th century BC is quite a number. It made me feel small and insignificant. And I don’t know if it was that or just the tremendous amount of space around us that gave me a sense of energy from times long ago.

One of our guides – a real gentleman who helped us crossing the numerous creeks – was Lucky Luke 🙂



And a short hike to the Hot SpringsDSC_0294DSC_0297DSC_0301DSC_0307DSC_0308

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