Gladsor Spa Jermuk Armenia

Armenia: Jermuk, A Soviet Shangri-La

Jermuk with its today 4.000 habitants, was once a center of soviet medical tourism and is still a mountain spa town today. It is famous for its hot springs and its bottled mineral water.

The Gladzor Spa Hotel or Gladzor Sanatorium, seen on the picture above, seams to be a ruin of a former luxurious soviet style hotel complex, but I’m not quite sure. I would have really been interested to visit it and take some pictures of its charming brutalism. I googled it and found some rather strange pictures of hairy old men taking a bath in 60s style functional light blue bathtubs with nurses spray-washing them with hosepipes. But there is a Facebook page in Armenian and it seams that there is at least some activity in this building.


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