Peak District: From Cressbrook Mill To Litton And Back

This was our last day in the Peak District and with our friends, who left for their honeymoon to Majorca the next day, and we had only the morning for a short hike because we had to leave for the airport in the afternoon. What I learned: England is really underestimated hiking country. Just look at those pictures 🙂





Location: Cressbrook Mill – Ravensdale Cottages – Litton –  along Hall Lane – back to Cressbrook Mill – Water-Cum-Jolly Dale / Distance: 7,5 km / Climb: 170 m / Weather: 28 °C, sunny / Camera: iPhone X



8 thoughts on “Peak District: From Cressbrook Mill To Litton And Back

  1. Yes – just look at those pictures! Beautiful! I agree it is a bit underestimated..don’t know why. I guess many other countries in Europe are more clearly defined as hiking countries in their commercials. Love the open landscape – and the first picture is sooo England!

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  2. Agreed. We stayed in Sheffield for a week last year and had a different hike each day. Spectacular and there is generally a tea shop or a pub close by for refreshments. Love the photos.

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    • Haha. And I thought about it because after the first idea i looked up all the words beginning with “like”. But “hikeminded” was so much more what I wanted to say :-). Somehow there are the feet and the head in one word.


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