Berlin Day Hike: Crystal-Clear Air And Partially Frozen Lake At Stienitzsee


On the last picture you can see that the lake was frozen on the opposite side. We guess it has to do with stronger currents on the side we hiked.


Location: Rüdersdorf, Strausberger Strasse – along Stienitzsee, western shore – (be careful: the way from the shore back to the path in the forest we bushwhacked trough difficult terrain with lots of little creeks and frozen boar wallows)  / Distance: 8 km / Public Transport: Bus Stop Rüdersdorf, Tasdorf, 15 minutes by foot to the trail / from city center: 28 km / East / Weather: -5 °C, sunny / Camera: Nikon D90, 18-105 mm lens



On our way back we had coffee and cake in a funny cafe in Hoppegarten, called Hogarts Circus Caffee. The interior is the result of the passion of a very enduring collector of circus accessories and 50s objects. The staff is wonderful and the homemade cake and coffee are great. To go there take the road on the right just after “Pflanzen Kölle”.

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