Berlin Day Hike: Frozen Landscapes At Liepnitzsee

They said there would be snow today and we already started with some expectations. Instead we had a very rainy hike around Liepnitzsee and some smaller lakes. It was beautiful anyway, like always, when strolling through the majestic beech forests near Wandlitz and the contrasts between the frozen and unfrozen parts of the lake made the photographer in me having fun with patterns :-).
Look at what the area looks like in summer.


Location: Ützdorf – along the southern shore of Liepnitzsee – Liepnitzweg – Lanker Weg – Platanenstraße – An der Bogenheide – An den Pfühlen – Drei heilige Pfühle – Regenbogensee – and back to Ützdorf on the northern shore of Liepnitzsee / Distance: 12 km / Public Transport: Bahnhof Wandlitzsee / from city center: 30 km / North / Weather: 3 °C, rainy and cloudy / Camera: Nikon D90, 18-105 mm lens


12 thoughts on “Berlin Day Hike: Frozen Landscapes At Liepnitzsee

  1. A beautiful hike and beautiful photos. I am always looking for detail and pattern shots. Not everything is about the stunning vista. We hike in all kinds of weather and winter does not stop us, even in snowy Canada. On one recent snow day in Vancouver, we hiked 10 k through heavy falling snow to 2 viewpoints (where we only saw falling snow), but it was the little details along the way that made it interesting (and the Irish coffee in the cafe at the midpoint). There will be a blog coming.

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    • As I live in a flat area with the highest mountains measuring 120 Meters (don’t laugh :-)) I have not much of a choice … No, but seriously, I like vistas like everyone does, but real magic is in the small things. The light being caught in a lake or a half frozen something. Or even the unphotographable things like birds singing enchanting or even strange melodies… Nature. Isn’t it great?
      And you’re completely right: Every weather is good weather. Or like my grandma said: There is no bad weather only bad clothes. 🙂

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  2. Nothing wrong with 120 Meter hills. I live on the prairie, where a vista can be seen from a 2 meter hill. I find the toughest part of bad weather is keeping the camera and lens dry. Your grandma’s saying is similar to one we have used many times. Weather is no more than the choice of appropriate clothing.

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    • I have an 12 year old Nikon D90 with a metal body which is very resistant to weather (and to being kept on the dirty floor of the car, or inside of a wellington in the tent, etc :-)). Very rarely I put it into a disposable plastic wrapper (You can use them around 6-7 times) for SLR cameras and I keep the lens downwards while walking.
      Or I wear a wider rain jacket and I just put it behind the zipper.


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