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Berlin Day Hike: Animal Christmas In Schorfheide

We have been to the Wildtierpark Schorfheide yesterday and there was Santa Claus bringing gifts to the animals all while being observed by some vigiliant cameras from local television.  The gifts consisted in differently decorated christmas trees. Carrot decoration for the horses, fish for the otters and meat for the wolves. There where some happy animals but others seamed quite indifferent. I guess they where atheists.

The food in the restaurant is very good, at least it was in summer. When we arrived this time, cold and starving, and just shortly before the sun went down at 4 pm, they told us they don’t do food anymore. As this is a classical for Brandenburg tourism (and Berlin museums) – closing restaurants when most needed – I guess there should be a price for grumpy service.


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9 thoughts on “Berlin Day Hike: Animal Christmas In Schorfheide

    • It’s a lynx. It’s Europes biggest wild cat – up to 70cm – and there are only 7000 of them, most of them in Finland. In Germany the population is only 65. They are really shy and with this and its rareness you’ll practically never see one in the wild. I was fascinated by this one. This slow but calculated movements and the gaze. Couldn’t stop staring at him (her?) 🙂

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  1. I think we only have the Scottish Wild Cat in the UK now and they are extremely rare and only found in the Highlands.There has been some talk about reintroducing Lynx in Scotland but to much opposition currently.

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