Mindo jungle by night

Mindo: Night At The Jungle

With a guide we went to the jungle at night. We saw quite a lot of strange creatures, mostly insects. A moth wich looks like a leaf, a furry, white caterpillar, mini frogs, huge hairy spiders and beetles, looking like sticks. The only mammal sat in a tree and we saw only his weird eyes.

The best thing where the sounds. The squeaking, the whispering, the rustling. Wonderful and kind of scary at the same time.


DSC_0683DSC_0700DSC_0711DSC_0714DSC_0727DSC_0730DSC_0732DSC_0734DSC_0739I asked the guide where this regular pattern comes from and he said it’s from a caterpillar eating the leave while it is still curled up.


DSC_0752DSC_0753DSC_0766DSC_0767DSC_0774DSC_0788DSC_0792DSC_0691 Look at those eyes :-)

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