La Mirage Restaurant In Cotacachi: The Escalation Of Eclecticism

Is it roman style? Spanish colonial style? Is it tropical? Or Inca? Is there any sarcasm in it? Or am I in Dynasty* and Joan Collins aka Alexis Carrington-Colby will walk around the corner every minute?
One thing is sure: Somebody has fulfilled his dream of a disturbing, overstuffed king Ludwig of Bavaria chateau in creating this place. Items from all over the world tell – or better cry – their stories out of every corner.

When you enter you will be placed at your table. In front of the window some colorful peacocks will graze. You will be asked, from which country you are and somebody will bring a flag-decorated centerpiece than. Your entree comes in a music box. On the next table sits an elder couple. Elegant, yet hopelessly outmoded clothes. Something pink with polkadots, something with big shoulders and a large tie. They seam to have come here with a time machine directly from the 80s.
Sorry, I didn’t take a photo.

Go there, admire it, eat well. The food is really great and you will never see so many styles in such small space. That’s La Mirage!


*famous television series from the 80s





On the road:DSC_0529DSC_0530

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