Odenwald Trip: Schloss Zwingenberg And Wolfsschlucht





2 thoughts on “Odenwald Trip: Schloss Zwingenberg And Wolfsschlucht

    • Hi Lauren, the photos in the last articles about the Odenwald I took with my Dads Nikon D3100 and a 18-55 mm lens. On most of the other articles I noted the camera and lens.
      I don’t think the camera is very important for what you’re doing. I personally use the iPhone 6 half of the time or the Fuji X20 compact camera. With my Nikon D90 I use different lenses.
      The most important thing in my opinion is, that every tool has its properties and you have to know and be aware of them to make good photos.
      If I use the iPhone for example I don’t even try to shot some deer in 200m distance 🙂

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