Berlin Day Hike: Happy Spiders and Butterflies Day At Möllensee



If you look at the map you might wonder why I took the forest highways instead of the single trail paths. Starting my hike on a summerly overgrown path on the shore of Möllensee I soon got attacked by thousands of spiders hanging between the trees waiting on prey. And guess what: I hate spiders. I than grabbed a stick and used it like a windscreen wiper in front of me to not walk into a spiderweb again. What shall I say. It didn’t work out so well. I already had blisters on my wiping hand when I decided to leave the single track to the bicycle trail. Perish of insects? My ass. I was covered from top to toe in a thick sweaty layer of Anti-Brumm (containing 30% deet) except on the spots where my shorts and shirt was. The little bastards bit me through the denim material of the shorts.



After the little hamlet of Kagel I crossed the forest on a dirt road and saw millions of butterflies on the sides. That reconciled me again with the insect world. Because guess what: I love butterflies.



The magic world of mushrooms:DSC_0474DSC_0534DSC_0468DSC_0518DSC_0461DSC_0459DSC_0457DSC_0470DSC_0450


Location: Alt Buchhorst/Grünheide (Mark) – Western shore of Möllensee – Elsensee – Baberowsee – Kagel – trough the forest to Kiessee – Alt Buchhorst / Distance: 15 km / from city center: 45 km/east / Weather: 27 °C, sunny / Camera: Nikon D90, 55-300mm lens




8 thoughts on “Berlin Day Hike: Happy Spiders and Butterflies Day At Möllensee

  1. These photographs are extraordinary. Scary to hear about the spiders. How symbolic though; go through the bad to get to the good, the butterflies.

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  2. Oh gosh! I totally feel your pain with the bites and the spiders stuff. Over here the spiders seem to suddenly swarm in early apron and they are HUGE. I had to pull the windscreen wiper/stick manoeuvre a few months back and it’s knackering! You’ve definitely got the right idea in sticking to more frequented trails until they go away for the colder months!

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    • Yeah. Normally spider-season is in autumn. But now they all came out with the rain. Luckily they are not huge over here 🙂 I’m already terrified if they are at baby-spider-size.

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