GR 249 Gran Senda de Málaga, Nerja – Frigilina

GR249 Gran Senda de Málaga, Berlin – Malaga – Nerja

I started very early this morning. My flight was at 6:30 and I tried to keep my zen attitude during the transfer to southern spain. At least there was no aggressive senior citizen pushing me away at the baggage claim like on my last flight.


I had my baggage well prepared: The mat, the tent pegs, the trekking sticks and the swiss card knife rolled into the mat and put into a rubbish bag. Unfortunately at the checkin they weren’t able to weigh it because it was TOO LIGHT. Haha!
When I arrived in Malaga I had to take the bus to the central station to continue to Nerja where I wanted to start my hike. Due to a bad functioning selling system at the station this took incredibly long and I arrived at Nerja only at 14:30.

Being incredibly tired I took a room at the formidable Easy Nerja Hostel and the first thing I did was sleeping for five hours.
In the evening I did a little tour through the very touristic village, I did some food shopping and had some tapas. Hikers hunger didn’t kick in yet.

After passing some hours in the hostel kitchen with the Hungarian hostess and two musicians from Argentina and India I went to sleep and slept another eight hours.
The next morning I was very happy not having started yesterday.

5 thoughts on “GR249 Gran Senda de Málaga, Berlin – Malaga – Nerja

    • I’m already afraid (-:
      But seriously: that could have been anyone but this 70 something guy pushed me with both hands and shouted at me: This is my spot! I nearly fell and I was so surprised that I didn’t know weather to laugh or to cry.


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