Gear Shot GR 249 Gran Senda de Málaga

What does the ultralight god think?

I did my research. I chose a path. I booked flights. I got my things together. I printed maps. I imagined hundreds of times how it would be – out there in the mountains. I prepared millions of little things meticulously.

I could go on like this. Arranging, organizing, changing and changing again. But somewhere I have to stop. It doesn’t get better anyway. Just different. And different is good for nothing.

I don’t feel prepared

But I know that I can not be prepared on everything anyway. I saved 76g today after having thought everything through again and again weeks ago. The ultralight dilemma strikes again.

What does the ultralight god think if I’m taking three pairs of panties and two pairs of socks with me? Will he punish me?

Two more nights and I will hit the road. I’m going to lean back now. I’m prepared enough.

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