Odenwald Road Trip: A Journey Into Memory


4 thoughts on “Odenwald Road Trip: A Journey Into Memory

  1. Hi Hikeminded! This is a beautiful and nostalgic collection of photos. I really like how you’ve captured the light and the “present moment” in some of your photos. Your opening picture of the empty road, with frosting on the ground around the road was gorgeous, as was the picture of the forests trees and floor, showing the “stillness” of it all. I’d love to read some descriptions of each one, and what was the beauty you found in them. :-).

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    • Hi Linda, I did this road trip on december 22nd, the third anniversary of the death of my Dad. I visited places which – in my mind- are connected with him, like the little chapel on the hill where we have been together once. I think – as a photographer – your emotions are mandatorily transported via your pictures, everything is painted in the light of what you feel in the moment of the shot. And that is why those pictures are particularly nostalgic. At least they are for me.

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      • Thanks for asking, Linda. It’s much easier for me to share my feelings via the photos than via words. But sometimes it just feels right to say it.


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