Berlin Day Hike: Swan Lake in Winter

Location: Mühlenbecker Land, Summter See, Mühlenbecker See, Schloss Dammsmühle / Distance: 13,5 km / Weather: 3 °C, cloudy & rainy





9 thoughts on “Berlin Day Hike: Swan Lake in Winter

    • Thank you Jenny!
      Since some time, I observed something new on my mindset. Everytime I go outside my inner voice whispers “Wow. I love this kind of weather!” And since I love the weather, it is much easier to discover (and photograph) the beauty in it.

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      • I love that mindset – it is so easy to see the things we don’t like, but it only takes a bit of training in the mind to start looking for the beauty in every day life. I’m definitely going to manifest this positivity for today, despite the lack of sunshine! Look forward to some more photos 🙂

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