Berlin Day Hike: Golden Sunday in Spitzmühle

Yeah, the days are getting shorter and darker. But there is still this kind of autumn magic when warm sun rays hit the yellow and red trees. The golden days of autumn.

Location: Postbruch near Straußberg – Bötzsee – Spitzmühle – Fängersee – Kesselsee – and back on the opposite shores / Distance: 17 km / Weather: 13 °C, sunny







Mönchwinkel, Spreeauen

Berlin Day Hike: Dramatic Skies Over Spreeauen

Location: Mönchwinkel – cross the small bridge south of Mönchwinkel – don’t follow the paths, you can easily walk the meadows/ Distance: 5 km / Weather: 8 °C, sunny and cloudy


We left a little late this saturday and we got into this weather shortly before the sun went down. This is the river Spree in its natural state. We walked alongside the river on the meadows even if there weren’t any paths on my map. Sometimes you have to detour because of animal fences.







Berlin Day Hike: Indian Summer in Buckow

Location: Waldsieversdorf – Abendrothsee – Schermützelsee northern shore – Kleiner Tornowsee – Großer Tornowsee southern shore – Stöbbertal – Buckow – Kleinbahn – Waldsieversdorf / Distance: 17 km / Weather: 12 °C, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy Good to know: The dark times are coming again! You have to get up early to do big trips. I ignored that completely and during the ultimate hour […]

Prenden Bauersee Galgenberg Rühlsdorf Bernsteinsee Kiessee Eiserbuder See Mittelprendener See Brandenburg Wanderung Hike

Berlin Day Hike: Do You Smell the Forest?

Location: Prenden, Bauersee, Galgenberg, Rühlsdorf, Bernsteinsee, Kiessee, Blauer See, Eiserbuder See, Mittelprendener See, Bauersee, Prenden/ Distance: 23 km / Weather: 6 °C, foggy and drizzly

On the southern end of Kiessee you’ll find a nice location next to the lake to have coffee and a cake. And if you are completely fearless you can borrow a wetsuit to have a wakeboard or waterskiing tour around the lake. 

The most beautiful atmosphere of this tour was around Bernsteinsee. There were no people only the fog the drizzle an hundreds of lake birds. Swans, ducks, herons and crakes. While the swans swam their peaceful rounds, the ducks and the crakes led an intense fight with words. The whole scenery was muted by the fog. 





On the way to Rühlsdorf:



Around Bernsteinsee
*If you go there in summer you have to be naked because it’s FKK-Area (naturist beaches)



Around Kiessee:


Around Blauer See:



Around Eiserbuder See and Mittelprendener See:


I was happy to wear the boots …



The small things



Dachstein Spürsinn Review

Gear Review: Dachstein Spürsinn MC

Those boots! I saw them online and I thought: this is the MY pair of hiking boots. They are…

  • … mid height
  • … light
  • … made in Austria by people who know their artisanry
  • The Design is – in my opinion – outstanding, compared to all those insect-like colored trail and hiking boots
  • Their USP says that they have an outstanding underfoot feeling (and I just hate if my soles are so stiff that I can’t feel the ground anymore)

Unfortunately I can’t give a full evaluation of the boots because I only wore them for about 1 km and I quickly recognized, that they are to small for me. So here are my 5 cents:

  • They look great
  • The sole is stable and has an excellent grip (I didn’t walk on wet ground though)
  • My size is 39,5 and I chose the 41. This is still not enough. I have to say that I put my orthopedic insoles inside and they are slightly thicker than the original ortholite insoles. My toes touched the top even without walking.
  • They are not comfortable. This means: the sole is comfortable, but the top isn’t. Even in wearing them so shortly I already discovered some slight bruises. And this was the most disappointing thing for me because they looked so much like the perfect shoes! So maybe they need a long break-in, I just didn’t try it long enough.

Finally I sent them back – teary-eyed.

Data Dachstein Spürsinn MC:

 kind of shoe Mid-height Hiking Boot
top mesh & leather
sole Vibram
price 179 €
drop 9 mm
break-in can’t tell
(size 41)
751 g
waterproof No
marketing promises Perfect mix between approach shoes and trail runners. Very good underfoot feeling.

Evaluation Dachstein Spürsinn MC:

tested for 1 km
foot climate ***** (did not test it long enough)
grip *****
stability (sole) *****
stability (top) *****
protection *****
comfort *****
durability ***** (did not test it long enough)
toebox normal width & rather round
Großer Seddiner See Beelitz Heilstätten

Berlin Day Hike: Seddiner See and Beelitz Heilstätten

Location: Around Großer Seddiner See and a tour through the area of Beelitz Heilstätten / Distance: 14,5 km / Weather: 18 °C, sunny / Unfortunately you cannot visit the buildings of Beelitz Heilstätten without a guide anymore. The same procedure as on Teufelsberg: You have to pay to enter the area. 


Großer Seddiner See:


Beelitz Heilstätten: