Hiking Wandern Liepnitzssee

Berlin Day Hike: 50 Shades of Green near Liepnitzsee

Location: Wandlitz – Drei heilige Pfühle – Regenbogensee – Liepnitzsee – Bogensee – Wandlitz / Distance: 15 km / Weather: 27 °C, sunny / Animals spotted: frogs an shiny bugs / Special feature: Bogensee is a historical site in the middle of the forest. Read more about it here / Beware of ticks!

Lake Lights:


Forrest Lights:


Frog and Bugs:




The tour group:




(Same lake in winter)






5 thoughts on “Berlin Day Hike: 50 Shades of Green near Liepnitzsee

  1. […] They said there would be snow today and we already started with some expectations. Instead we had a very rainy hike around Liepnitzsee and some smaller lakes. It was beautiful anyway, like always, when strolling through the majestic beech forests near Wandlitz and the contrasts between the frozen and unfrozen parts of the lake made the photographer in me having fun with patterns :-). Look at what the area looks like in summer. […]

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