The Big Nothingness in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

This time it was no continuous hike but an extensive 2-day-getaway to Northern Germany. Everything is calm and vast and the horizon always seams to be days away.


Südvorpommern: imageimageimageimageimageimageimage




Stettiner Haff:


Mecklenburgische Seenplatte:


Berlin Day Hike: The Lustrous Clay Lakes of Zehdenick

Location: Burgwall – Mögelinstich – Ziegeleipark – Döbertstich – Radkestich – Campingplatz Wilde Heimat and back on the other side / Distance: 15 km / Animals spotted: a lot of horses and a slowworm / Special feature: Frequently you walk an a small land crossing between two lakes. Make a stop at campsite “Wilde Heimat”. It’s a wonderful place. 

The lakes:



The industry museum:



The tour group:




The slowworm:



And the sunset:


The tour:

07.08.2016, 14-47 - 4-17-19 h

Fürst Pückler Park: The Legacy Of A Crazy Nobleman

Location: Fürst Pückler Park, Bad Muskau, Leknicka (Poland) / Weather: April in August, sunny & rainy / Distance: 10 km / Animals spotted: some deer jumping out of the woods / Special feature: First time during a hike that I crossed a countries border and first time that I have been to Poland.


The tour group:


The park:





Crossing the Neiße (I’m denying myself any further comment) ;-):


The castle of poor and miserable Prince Pückler:


And a short look behind the Polish border:






Berlin Day Hike: Endless Horizons in Gransee

Location: Ribbeck – Bösenhagener Stich – Gransee – Badingen – Neuer Badinger Stich – Ribbeck / Weather: 25°C, sunny / Distance: 15 km  / Very flat area with wide and vast views. 



Fun with hay bales:



We had a very nice Havelzander at Gasthaus zur Fähre in Burgwall afterwards. The fish is excellent, but don’t take salad or coffee. This is the view: